Čateks Defend

Čateks Defend represents superior quality fabrics for special purposes, that are used for production of military and police uniforms, such as CORDURA® NYCO materials made of a polyamide and cotton yarn mixture, cotton and polyester mixture and 100% cotton fabrics, with inox or carbon fiber for antistatic properties or FR fibers for flame retardant properties.

Fabrics are treated in order to have special properties, i.e.: water repellency, oil repellency, treatment against filth, creasing, protection against insects.

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Čateks Protect

Čateks Protect includes high quality technical materials which are protecting from bad weather conditions, such as rain and cold, they provide protection while working in dangerous conditions while handling the flame, oil and oil products, while working in a explosive atmosphere (in exposure to electrostatic voltage) or in terms of reduced visibility.

Materials are divided into three groups: polyurethane-coated materials, multilayer materials laminated using glue dot technology and processed cotton fabrics or blends of cotton and polyester or cotton and polyamide.

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Čateks Medical

Čateks Medical are technical materials treated against burning, fungi and bacteria and they comply with standards such as BS 7175-CRIB 5, EN ISO 12925.

Their main use is in mattresses covers production, pillow covers production, as well as other medical supplies, as they are pleasant to the touch, antibacterial and they ensure long-term hygiene.

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Čateks Home

Čateks Home brand consists of decorative fabrics, artificial leather and household textiles. Decorative cotton fabrics have attractive designs which follow seasonal trends and occasions. Along with those fabrics, ČATEKS HOME includes a wide range of artificial leather based on polyurethane, in a variety of texture and firmness, mostly used in household  and furniture industry. Kitchen towels, aprons, gloves and grips, tablecloths, bed linen, sheets, decorative, cushions for outdoor furniture, beanie bags, and many more. These are all the products by which is Čateks a part of your modern home. 

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