Čateks Defend  is a premium quality special purpose fabric for use in the production of military and police uniforms. By following the market trends, as well as the need for sophisticated technical solutions, Čateks has developed fabrics tailored to the special conditions that military and police uniforms must meet.

CORDURA® NYCO materials made of intimate fibre blend T420 polyamide 6,6 and cottonenable the production of comfortable suits of high durability, characterised by exceptional material strength and abrasion resistance.

Čateks also produces classic fabrics made of a mixture of cotton and polyester, 100% cotton, and materials with inox or carbon threads for antistatic properties, or with FR fibres for flame-resistance.

The fabrics are processed in accordance with the highest standards in order to meet the special features:

  • Water repellence
  • Oil repellence
  • Treatment against stains
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Insect protection treatment


The quality of COMPAGO® Defend fabrics has become known in the region and in the EU countries and is currently used by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia, Hungarian army, Armed Forced of Montenegro. 

All types of dyes are used in the process of dyeing and printing–reactive, reductive, dispersive, acidic, metal-complex, cationic and pigment.

All fabrics meet Oeko-tex standard 100, class II.