The Čateks Protect brand includes high-quality technical materials that protect against weathering, such as rain and cold, they provide protection when working in hazardous conditions when handling flames, oils and petroleum products, during work in an explosive atmosphere (when exposed to electrostatic discharge) or in conditions of low visibility. The materials are divided into three groups: polyurethane-coated materials, multi-layered materialslaminated with the dot lamination technology and treated cotton fabrics or mixtures of cotton and polyester.


Polyurethane coated materials are breathable, waterproof and windproof (EN 343), antistatic (EN 1149), highly visible (EN 20471), resistant to chemical fluids (EN 13034), treated against bacteria (ISO 20743) and fire (EN 14116) and are included in multi-norm materials. When coating polyamide and polyester knitted fabrics, we use chemicals of European manufacturers which are not harmful to the skin and do not contain halogen, thanks to which they meet the Oeko-tex standard 100, class II, and allow production in accordance with the REACH regulation. The main application of such materials is the production of protective clothing with high frequency welding, thus ensuring the tightness of the seams and prevents the penetration of liquids.


Multilayer materials laminated with the hot melt lamination have excellent breathability, vapour permeability, and protect against rain and wind, which affects the thermo-physiological comfort. Čateks has developed a breathable polyurethane membrane that provides these properties. Apart from the lamination of polyurethane membrane of our own production, lamination of polyester or PTFE membranes is possible as well. Double layer and three-layer laminates are used in the production of clothing, and four-layer in the manufacture of footwear. The application of such materials is extensive: from military, police, fire brigade, requiring water resistance, visibility in adverse lighting, fire protection, liquid chemicals and sports and fashion, with emphasis on transpiration and comfort.


By choosing a high-quality yarn, conditions for the production of crude fabrics of different composition (CORDURA® NyCo, polyester/cottonand 100% cotton) were created. By adding stainless steel or carbon fibre, the fabric gets antistatic properties, whereas the addition of FR fibres provides flame resistant properties. By giving those fabrics finishing treatments, they meet all required parameters in terms of technical characteristics, functionality, appearance and texture. Čateks Protect fabrics have a pleasant feel, they are antibacterial, water-repellent and oil resistant, treated against shrinkage, stains, wrinkles, insects and fading. Processed materials of renowned world producers which meet the se Oeko-tex standard, class II are used for the production.

The fabrics can be dyed (with reactive, reductive, dispersible, acidic, metal-complex, cationic dyes and pigment) or printed.Printing is done on a rotary printing basis with the help of templates engraved with laser technology.