A major role in quality control and quality assurance in Čateks is played by the internal lab. As part of the manufacturing and development, the lab controls and tests all input raw materials before use in production. Input control of raw materials is an essential stage of production, because early detection of raw materials significantly reduces the possibility of unsatisfactory quality of the whole series.

During the development of a new product, it is necessary to examine and determine the quality of the article of each stage. Based on the analysis of laboratory tests, decisions are made on what will be changed and how it will be changed, depending on which properties of the article are to be achieved.

Laboratory testing is regularly carried out at all stages of regular production, which controls the uniform product quality and enables monitoring of the stability of the technological process. The results obtained by laboratory tests are monitored and statistically processed with the aim of delivering the highest possible quality products to customers, while respecting all the required standards and regulations.